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Approve Your Plan - Interior Design

Approve Your Plan is an online Drawing Review and Approval System for interior designers and their clients. Approve Your Plan allows designers and their clients to quickly review and approve drawing and project changes without having to meet. Approvals are not limited to drawings, photographs can also be quickly integrated into a project.

With Approve Your Plan you can:
  • Make drawing review quick and simple,
  • Achieve greater control in the review and approval process,
  • Shorten project lifecycles,
  • Bi-directional upload capabilities allow client image input,
  • Eliminate costly minor review meetings,
  • Integrate photos of proposed purchases into projects,
  • Include photos of materials, artwork, and color schemes,
  • Facilitate clarifications,
  • Reduce the need for FTP sites,
  • Provide graphic instructions if required and,
  • Have detailed project audit trails.

There is no software to download and all you need is an internet connection. This means that Reviews and Approvals can take place almost anywhere including such venues as auctions, galleries, renovation/ building sites.