★★★Architecture Tool – Architect Online Drawing Review and Client Plan Approval – Audit Trail -mod title

How easy is it to use Approve Your Plan?

There are 3 user levels in Approve Your Plan.

System Administrator:

  • Sets up Internal Users
  • Uploads Firm’s ID/Logo

Internal Users:

  • Set up projects,
  • Enter client information,
  • Establish project, client and other’s usage rights, and
  • Upload a drawing with comments for a client to review.

External Users:

  • A client is automatically notified by email that your drawing is ready for review,
  • The client reviews your drawing,
  • The client can easily mark up (but not change) and comment on the drawing,
  • The client sets their approval status for drawing, and
  • Then automatically returns it for you to see.

Whether you are the System Administrator, an Internal or an External User you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes.