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Have you ever waited more than a day to get a drawing approved just because a meeting wasn’t possible, or perhaps because you missed a courier pick up, or maybe your client was traveling. Have you or your client ever been frustrated trying to talk about a drawing on the phone or by email? Have you ever been in a disagreement with your clients as to what was agreed upon? Have you ever wished you had access to an entire project file when you were out of the office? Have you ever had a file that was too big to attach to an email? Have you ever felt a site visit wasn’t needed? Well…


If you have had any of the above problems then Hestia Solutions can help you. Our company has devised an innovative and effective way that enables your clients to quickly review, comment on and approve plans, designs and drawings. The solution is Approve Your Plan. Approve Your Plan is a hosted system that allows you to upload drawings to a protected website and then allows your clients to view, print and save the drawing. If they want to mark it up, but not alter your drawing, they can do so using our layered mark up tool. They also have the ability to comment on it and assign approval status so you don’t have to wait days to move on.

Approve Your Plan with its numerous features, reporting, audit trail facilities, and easy to use interfaces can help users cut days off a typical project life cycle. Using Approve Your Plan can lead to a significant reduction in the number of faxes, files that are too large for email or can't be viewed by clients, telephone tag, burning CDs, mailing tubes, postage and courier costs, arranging multi party meetings, traffic downtime and gasoline costs to name a few. Approve Your Plan also places value on your client’s time, a benefit that can lead to an increased competitive advantage by providing higher levels of service than your competition.